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Housework at Soul Annex

Soul Annex is a refreshing mix-up from your usual spin class. A new routine that allows you to get that escape from reality through high intensity interval training. Specifically, Housework, taught by Sydney Miller, has a way of pushing you beyond your usual limits- while feeling apart of this PARTY she creates. The beat of every song is a KEY motivator to each individuals rhythm, creating nothing but positive and energetic vibes from the beginning to the end of this class. 


Regardless of your personal focus and workout areas, Housework is sure to stop at every muscle and sometimes, you won’t even know until the next day! This class will build internal strength and tone leaving you with more energy than you had when you walked in.


A perfect combination of pilates, yoga and cardio with a boot camp feel that makes you want to get to the finish line.


This class takes care of your body and nourishes your mind. It is positively addictive and when completed, ULTRA satisfying! TRUST ME!

Molly Bea