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Fundamental Flows with Eve Lynn Kessner

Location: Soul Annex 32 West 18th street

Fundamental Flowing through the sweet sound of a born to be story teller, Eve Lynn Kessner. 
One of the most important factors of a work out class is the instructor who is guiding you. Eve has an extraordinary energy that is almost indescribable, but so easily experienced from the moment you step into her class.

Using your breath, trusting your body, finding balance and furthermore confidence in your movements are what you will achieve in this one of a kind space. Your mind and body will be awakened and energized just by the breathing that takes place in the first few minutes of this hour.

Eve allows each person to move at their own pace, while giving them options and ideas in doing so. You are given the opportunity to try, to modify and to learn new things without fear of judgment. Each class I have taken with Eve has given me something new to take with me. An intention, a purpose, a goal, but most importantly and consistently- a clear mind filled with optimism and passion for whatever that day has to offer.

Molly Bea