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YG Studios NYC, Core Power Flow Yoga with Alexa Ibarra

Location: 37 West 26th St, 9th floor

Core Power Flow is yoga for the mind, body, soul and inner rhythm. 

With a perfected playlist for each class, Alexa instructs each individual to follow along, while also giving the special attention that each person may need throughout. 


This atmosphere is not only calming, but even more so welcoming to all levels of each yogi that comes through the door.

In learning each pose, phrase and meanings of both, their is an immediate energy that develops with in, motivating you to keep your practice in motion- both in and out of class.


A huge highlight of this class is the idea that you can stretch and flow, while also getting in an incredible ab work out. Alexa uses various glider routine sets to strengthen your gluts and booty that will leaving you feeling the BEST kind of sore that exists.

Sometimes all you need are a few lit candles, a yoga matt and a space to flow with an open heart and mind. This place is exactly where to go and get it.

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