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#BeaFit Destination Edition: Anguilla, BWI

The last seven days of my health and fitness (ongoing) journey was absolutely life changing. I spent one full week away from my usual routine in NYC, allowing myself to recharge, reset, and most importantly just... relax.

As I mentioned above, my journey is ongoing so no matter where I am in the world I am always going to find something and in this case also someone to learn from. 


Sammi Green: A paradise yogi with a beautiful heart, contagiously positive attitude and a vinyasa flow (for all levels) that you never want to end. 

Sammi teaches twice a week at The Dungeon Gym and once a week at Roy’s Bayside and Grill. She also offers private sessions right outside your villa on the beach or hotel deck!


My family and I got the pleasure to work and flow with Sammi 6 out of the 7 days of our
trip and our gratitude for her is truly endless. 


My brother, who has never done yoga in 29 years was hooked after day one. Sammi has a way of motivating you to move out of your normal comfort zone, yet not compete with yourself or others. 

One of my favorite lines of this flow is Shem
Sammi says “if your mind starts talking to you during your practice, simply say thank you for sharing and move forward”.

*Reminder to give your mind that hour of peace, the rest of your day will be waiting for you at the end. Namaste, we love you Sammi. 

Instagram: @Anguillayoga264

Molly Bea