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305 Fitness


305 Fitness

NYC Locations:

33 East 33rd Street

18 W 8th street

Make Sweat Sexy? Not A Problem!

305 Fitness is NEXT level when it comes to sweating and feeling like a MILLION bucks while doing so. 305 Fitness feels like an endless dance party with a focus on high-intensity rhythmic cardio. 

With an impeccably decorated studio, live DJ and flashing neon lights; 305 is sure to distract you from your everyday routine with an hour of pure FUN.


Expect a lot of jumping, smiling, feelin' your (BEST) self and actually enjoying your workout.

Although it is intimidating to learn and follow a routine, this class is easily adaptable with committed focus and an open mind.

305 fitness also offers a Flexibiltiy class, focusing on dance, physical therapy techniques  and yoga. The room is heated to 90 degrees to maximize range of motion so be sure to hydrate before entering!


A power class is an option as well: Strength and conditioning that sculpts lean muscle leaving you in TOP NOTCH shape.

Not sure which part of your body you want to prioritize? This class touches every base and more than once. Be sure to bring your sneakers and LOTS of water. This is a dance floor you surely will be sad to leave




Molly Bea