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2 in 1! BeaFIT Destination: MIAMI


I spent the last few days in Miami Beach and boy was the lifestyle different from NYC. It was refreshing to get a break from the cold and get into some new studios. See below for two classes and instructors that you MUST try on your next trip down to Miami.

Barrys Boot Camp

835 Purdy Ave

Miami Beach FL 33139

Instructor: Nelson Cardenas


Barrys Boot Camp is no joke, which most of the fitness world is already aware of.  A mix of cardio and toning of the muscles with a "no-mercy" instructor (that you will thank later). 

Dim lighting and a killer playlist is a given at Barrys bootcamp. The atmosphere keeps everybody motived from start to finish, it is nearly impossible to lose focus.

This class combines weight training with cardio along with a "push than recover" mode to keep the heart-rate elevated.



Many workouts are considered to have a "trend" while Barrys prides itself on proven scientific facts. The workout itself is designed for efficiency- therefore, the intervals and strength training result in the toning of the body. TRUST THE SCIENCE, it works! 




Jet Set Miami

Sunset Harbor

1935 West Avenue, Suite 208

Miami Beach, FL 33139

Instructor: Starr Hawkins


Jet Set Miami Pilates is NEXT LEVEL. You will start to feel sore about 15 minutes through this class, but you will not regret it! Starr Hawkins is an unbelievable instructor. She is edgy, light-hearted, vibrant and a KILLER motivator.


JetSet's unique classes and resistance-based body conditioning equipment are designed to fuse core principles of weight training, cardio, and Pilates. The class is 50 minutes, non-stop and will push you to WANT to exceed your personal limits. 

For first timers, do NOT worry, you are coached and guided through this workout while customizing your jetSet reformer to the resistance that is right for you. Get ready to show off that BOOTY.




Molly Bea