Healthy Alibi






I believe in discipline without suffering; however, if you are someone who has never been “healthy” I am here to help you change that. Life is a balancing act. Once you have mastered a diet and exercise program that work for you, this new foundation should become the basis of your new health-focused lifestyle.  After we have built this new basic foundation together, everything is possible!

The process:

First, I will send you a health history form to get an idea of your health goals, family health history and your lifestyle.

Second, we will schedule a consultation in person, via skype or FaceTime where we will discuss your health history form, current lifestyle goals and your health goals. I charge $45 per consultation. We will then decide whether we would be a good fit for each other and if my health coaching services would be beneficial to you. 

Third, we will choose your health coaching package and process payment. 

Fourth, each session will be as long as needed and I will give you personalized recommendations at each session based on our discussions, your health history and your current lifestyle that will help you find a better balance towards a more healthy and happy life.  


"Quick Sprint": One session $250

"Half Marathon": Three sessions $675 ($225 per session)

"Marathon": Six sessions $1200 ($200 per session)

"Decathlon": Ten sessions $1800 ($180 per session)