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The Sneaker Longevity Question

Have you ever wondered how long you should keep a pair of sneakers? I have had certain pairs of sneakers for like 3 or 4 years and have a weird attachment to them to the point where I actually will not throw them away and continue to wear them to the gym. The other day this got me thinking about what the life expectancy of sneakers are and when is the right time to actually say goodbye and get a new pair. I recently got a new pair of running sneakers and wore them to the gym and found that I ran faster and harder with the newer pair than the older pair. Technically sneakers start to wear after around the 200 mile mark. After that the cushioning on the shoes loses a lot of the resistance and the body begins to absorb more of the impact. To avoid injury and be safe in the gym, make sure your sneakers are up to date and not a hazard to your health and fitness. Try alternating between two pairs of shoes so that you don’t wear out one more than the other. 

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