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Last Minute Holiday Gifts for the Fitness Fanatic

Are you scrambling to do your last-minute holiday shopping!? If you've got a friend who loves fitness, I've got you covered. I’ve put together a list of my top 10 favorite fitness related gifts to give your fitness obsessed friends and family for the holidays:

1) Mira Rae's Metallic Laila Leggings – these leggings are really unique because not many companies know how to combine comfort with sweat durability and Mira rae does an excellent job, not to mention the leggings are super cute! Use code ALLIE20 for a 20% discount.

2) Jade Yoga Mat  - every fit girl or guy needs a yoga mat in their house. Whether its to do actual yoga or just to do crunches in your home, a yoga mat is a very useful gift that any person into fitness would appreciate.

3) Classpass membership - I honestly cant think of a better gift for a loved one in NYC! Classpass is an awesome program that allows you to try a variety of fitness classes without paying the big bucks. A fabulous gift for any fitness fan that will open their eyes to a new world of classes!

4) Booty Band from Sweatprep - these booty bands have the perfect amount of challenging resistance to use during squats, curties etc. not to mention you can travel anywhere with them!

5) Mealprep Tupperware – the mealprep containers are my favorite because they have 3 different areas for each of the different foods you prepped and allow you to control portions in the allotted areas. If your loved one hasn’t gotten into meal prep yet and is looking to stay fit and healthy, this is a great way to get them started!

6) Jump rope – one of my favorite cardio workouts, jump roping helps increase coordination. SO easy to travel with and use, jumping ropes are a great gift for the holiday.

7) Leg weights – these are a great holiday gift for anyone into fitness because they are padded and comfy on the ankles and you can wear them around the house to add resistance to just about anything!

8) Fitbit – Fitbit allows you to keep track of your steps, heartrate, sleep, etc. Any fitness fanatic will be obsessed because it gives you the real inside scoop into what you’re burning per day.

9) Kenox Gym bag – gym bags are a great gift for the holidays because any fitness fanatic needs one but usually doesn’t have one unless they often change at the gym. I love the kenox gym duffle bag because its really sleek and has a compartment for shoes, which really makes all the difference.

10) Epsoak Epsom Salts – This is a useful gift because almost everyone who works out a lot and has sore muscles should bath in an Epsom salt bath. Epsom salt helps relieves sore muscles and tension within the body. A perfect gift to encourage relaxation and self-care for the fitness fanatic.