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Tips for Getting Back into Healthy Routines After the Holidays

Hi my loves! SOOO many of you have been asking me how I jump right back into my routines after holidays/vacations. I have a few tips that I use that I wanted to share with you guys to help with this transition.

1) Meal prep IMMEDIATELY! Don’t procrastinate this because before you know it you’re going back to work and eating the unhealthy snacks and lunches put out there! As soon as you get home, muster up the energy to go grocery shopping and PREP those snack and lunches. This will really help you resist those office temptations.

2) Book your workout classes while you’re still on vacation… or at least as soon as you get home. And if you’re a gym goer, schedule your workout times in your calendar so you know when you’ll be heading to the gym that week. This will help get your workout mindset back so you’re not tempted to get lazy!

3) Schedule workouts with a friend! This always helps me look forward to my workouts because you get to enjoy it with someone you may have not seen in a while because of holidays!

4) Make cooking dates with friends to catch up instead of out to dinner dates. After I have been away I am usually so sick of going out to dinner because there is not usually a kitchen where I go and my body needs a break from restaurants. I always find that if you want to catch up with a friend, the best way to do it and avoid overeating, overdrinking, unhealthy ingredients is to cook together. That way you can control what goes on your plate AND save money at the same time! J

5) Get LOTS OF SLEEP. No matter where I go away, I always get home and am somehow sleep deprived. Even if I have been doing nothing for a week!!! If this happens to you also then try to make a conscious effort to go to sleep EARLY. That way not only are you prepared for your workout in the morning but you also don’t feel like a zombie when you get there.

Hope these tips help get you guys back into those routines!!! XOXO A