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Why Eating Early is Good for Weight Loss and Health

Hello my loves! This week I posted on Instagram stories that one night I ate dinner at 5pm and I got a serious influx of questions about it so I thought I would address it this week here on my blog. Dinner is a tricky meal when dealing with weight loss and health because it must be the perfect balance of portion size, protein, fiber, carb & veggies. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always enjoyed eating an early dinner and as I grew older (and I’m sure many of you can relate to this) eating an early dinner became harder to sustain because of work, socializing and life in general.  

Since my acid reflux became very bad (right before I was diagnosed with celiac) I have tried my best to incorporate early dinners into my routine as often as possible. Below I have listed 7 reasons why eating an early dinner is beneficial for health, weight loss and exercise.  

  1. No heartburn or acid reflux. I find on the nights I eat an early dinner I almost never have reflux issues and that feeling of relief and no pain in my chest is truly worth it to me. 

  2. Early dinner means earlier bedtime which leads to a more productive and less groggy following morning. You are more likely to exercise and feel accomplished the next day with an earlier evening. 

  3. You sleep like a baby. You will sleep much more soundly because your body is further along on the digestive process than if you were to have eaten closer to bedtime. You will also not feel as bloated. 

  4. You will have more energy the following day because you allowed your body more than enough time to fully digest the food. 

  5. You are more likely to eat healthier and more nutrient dense foods because you are not rushing to eat something quickly. Instead you will make healthier and planned out food choices. 

  6. You will have time for DESSERT. When you eat an early dinner you are leaving your body enough time to digest everything you are eating properly… including dessert! So enjoy that chocolate because you deserve it. 

  7. Improves your bowel movements because you are giving your body sufficient time to digest and settle before bed.  


I hope these reasons help you guys make healthier choices when it comes to eating an early dinner. Obviously we can’t be expected to eat early dinners every night, however, if you can try to do it at least 2-4 times per week your health will improve greatly. Eating early really helps me stay focused at the gym and feel productive during my workouts. It also makes breakfast the following morning taste THAT much better and more deserved. 



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