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Hi lovelies!

So FITKICKS sent me a pair of shoes & zip belt to review. I wore them to the gym the other day and I want to share with you guys the benefits I’ve noticed so far: 

  1. The shoes are made with trademarked #flexform sole technology that allows free range of motion and customized comfort… AKA my feet literally just felt so free! 

  2. The #FITZIP belt holds my water bottle so I don’t need to carry it from machine to machine which I find hugely annoying when in my zone at the gym 

  3. The more I wear the FITKICKS the more the sole contours to my feet 

  4. My lifting form has improved wearing a flat sole… something I didn’t even realize was an issue before! When you finally figure out what kind of sole you lift best in it is truly life changing. 

  5. They’re really cute and come in so many different colors & patterns. Got so many compliments on them when I was working out. 


I definitely recommend this FITKICKS gear to anyone who is an athlete, lives an active lifestyle or just fitness enthusiasts who want to try mixing up their fitness gear.  



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