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Sweet Defeat Review 

Hi my loves! Sweet Defeat sent me some of their natural plant-based lozenges to try and for the last week I’ve been doing a #sugarfreechallenge basically consisting of dissolving the Sweet Defeat lozenge in my mouth about 2-3 times a day or whenever I have felt the urge to munch out on sugary foods. Before I did this challenge, I never realized how often I crave sugar so it was really eye opening for me to be so aware of my body’s sugar intake and cravings.  


I used to be SO addicted to sugar. Even before I was diagnosed with celiac I had a sugar addiction, but after I was diagnosed it got even worse because I was eating gluten-free sweets instead. The gluten-free version are worse for you because they are more dense than regular sweets. I'll never forget the time I made gluten-free brownies for a dinner party and almost nobody ate them because they preferred the non gluten-free cake and I ended up eating them ALL. I felt so horrible about myself and my body after this that ever since then I've really tried to curb my sugar cravings in any way I can.

That's why was so excited to try Sweet Defeat. This whole week I have made sure my breakfast, lunch and dinner has been super focused on PROTEIN and FIBER, which has really helped me conquer the challenge.

Every time I felt a craving coming on I would take a Sweet Defeat. All you have to do is let the “mint” dissolve on your tongue entirely, which takes about 2-3 minutes, and just like that the all-natural ingredients have stopped your craving. They’re especially helpful on the go, when I may be inclined to pick up a sweet treat on my way home or to the gym. The little packets fit easily into my purse or wallet.

The lack of sugar has also given me more energy during my workouts and in my regular daily life. It’s really crazy how much sugar we consume each day without really thinking twice about it. I think of a lot of us are actually addicted to sugar without even knowing it.  

My main takeaways from taking Sweet Defeat:  

Keeping my breakfast high in protein, healthy fats and veggies this week to keep me on track with the sweet defeat #sugarfreechallenge 💪🏽💪🏽

Keeping my breakfast high in protein, healthy fats and veggies this week to keep me on track with the sweet defeat #sugarfreechallenge 💪🏽💪🏽

  1. My sugar cravings were completely gone  


    The lozenge tastes minty and clean and completely stopped my cravings almost immediately. 

  3. Seriously increased my energy levels 

  4. I wasn’t tempted to eat dessert any of the days I was taking Sweet Defeat 

  5. Generally helps to live a more healthy, productive and motivated lifestyle  

I definitely recommend trying #SweetDefeat to anyone who feels that sugar is a consistent problem in their life and to people battling with portion size issues & overeating.  

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