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My Favorite Activewear Brand OTM

Hello my loves!! This week I wanted to tell you guys about my favorite activewear brand of the moment called  Lolë. I have a newfound appreciation for brands that understand WELLNESS and how it’s not just something we practice occasionally but a LIFESTYLE.  Lolë, which stands for Live Out Loud Every Day, truly understands this concept and its clear from the way they make their clothing & gym equipment. Each piece is versatile, stylish and made for us modern women who are always on the go!  

I did an intense workout in their Burst Leggings and Adora Bra and felt amazing because it held everything in place super comfortably. The fabric keeps the moisture away from the body so I’m able to sweat but not feel overheated or uncomfortable. 

So many activewear brands I come across make clothing that doesn’t embrace each woman’s individual shape & size.  Lolë recently sent me clothing to review and I found it to be made for EVERY woman. It flatters every part of the body, no matter what your shape. The patterns are incredibly unique and are cute for the gym but also for a night out. I went to dinner with my fiancé the other night wearing their cropped bra with jeans and a blazer on top and was OBSESSED.  



I also love their bags!! The one I use the most is a tote bag that also turns into a backpack (SO CLUTCH!!). I am always running around NYC and my arms and shoulders get so tired from putting my heavy bag on one side so the other day I was able to just strap it on my back and it was AMAAAZING. Never going back to regular bags again! 

My absolute favorite piece that Lolë sent was the Audette Bra which is actually made for low impact exercise but I was able to do both low and high impact! The reason this sports bra is my favorite is not just because of how soft it is but also because it has a 4 way stretch, is UPF 35+, moisture-wicking, and eco-conscious because it’s bluesign®-certified! Nothing better than feeling good in workout clothes and feeling good about where and how they’re made.



The final item they sent me was the AIR yoga mat. I’m not usually a “yogi” however this mat makes you want to become one and I’ll tell you why. It is SO incredibly soft & grippy. By this I mean it does not move when you’re working out on it whether you’re doing an ab workout, yoga, squatting, etc. it is super stable. It’s also very thick which helps protect your body from pain during a workout. I put it on my hardwood floors and did a leg weight workout where my knees were on the mat and it was super protective and I didn’t have to worry about knee bruising at all. It’s also eco-friendly because it’s PVC-free, latex-free, and recyclable which is just the icing on the already fabulous cake!

These were my favorite pieces, but there are so many more to choose from. Follow Lolë on Instagram @lolewomen to see more of their awesome gear.

Try out Lolë for yourself and let me know what you guys think in the comments below!