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Paris Travel Guide

Hello my loves!! My recent trip to Paris was absolutely magical. I hadn’t been in many years and was so excited to experience the city of love with my husband. It was the perfect place for us to explore & experience together before we got married. 

When staying in big cities I always say there is NO NEED to break the bank on a hotel. After all the entire day we are exploring the city and are BARELY in the room. So save your money for delicious dinners & shopping and stay somewhere economical.

Just walking the streets of Paris is amazing because every single building has so much history & architectural brilliance! It’s such an enormous city so make sure you turn your health app on each day to track your walking distances! Each day we actually walked about 10 miles (INSANE I know!!)

Best Hotels - have a drink at the bars if you have time!!

Hotel Crillon – gorgeous with live music in the bar

Ritz Paris – have a drink in the Hemingway Bar

Plaza Athenee

Le Bristol

Le Meurice

La Reserve

Hotel Costes – have a drink in the bar very cool vibe

Things to see:


Eiffel Tower

Notre Dame

The Louvre

Arc de Triomphe

Musee d’orsay

Le Marais

Versailles Palace

Champs Elysees

(there is so much more but these are our favs!)


Dinner in Paris

Hotel Costes- delicious & sceney fun dinner

L’ami Louis – very old school authentic Parisian vibes

Le Petit Pergolese

Ferdi – best burger

Chez Julien – This was one of our favs!!! Best Steak Frites ☺

Le Cinq

Monsieur Bleu


Les Antiquaires


Hope this guide helps you find your way a little easier around this gorgeous city!! I absolutely cannot wait to go back and find more amazing places for you guys ☺