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Bio-Individuality Defined

Bio-Individuality has become a very important concept to me as I get deeper into my integrative nutrition training. For those of you who don’t know what the heck Bio-Individuality is (why would you!?) it basically means that that there is absolutely NO one right diet that works for everyone all the time. Each person’s body is completely DIFFERENT and therefore it is impossible to find one diet that will work for EVERY person. Have you ever tried a diet that worked for your friend, but had the reverse or no result for you? Our genetics and body structures are each unique and it is crazy to believe that one specific diet will work for all. Our bodies tell us what we need to survive by using cravings. These cravings are your body telling you to LISTEN and ANSWER with the food it’s telling you it wants. I always tell my clients to respect these cravings because they are messages your body is sending you to tell you what your specific diet should be primarily made up of. This is not to say that if your body is telling you it craves fried food that you should answer with a fried food diet (lol) but you get my point. With my coaching and guidance, you and I will work together to create a diet based on what your body needs and craves, while also adding in some healthy alternatives to foods you think your body is craving.  In reality you are craving the IDEA of these foods rather than the actual foods themselves.

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