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Exercising When Sick?

Doctors say that if the illness is from your throat and up (common cold) then it is okay to exercise, however, if it’s below the throat or you just feel awful, don’t force yourself. But ever since I was a little girl, whenever I came down with a cold my dad used to tell me to go to the gym and sweat a little. I used to laugh at him thinking that this was ridiculous. I should REST my body, I am sick!!! No? Well, now that the weather is transitioning in NYC a couple of weeks ago I woke up with a horrible cold. I had a runny nose, I was sneezing and coughing and I literally could not get out of bed. That day I cancelled my work out class and rested. The next day I woke up with the SAME feeling, which was super frustrating because I absolutely HATE being sick and doing NOTHING all day. So I got my sick butt out of bed, put on my exercise clothes and headed to Equinox. I didn’t want to over exert myself because of my symptoms but my body was telling me that it wanted to run. I ran for about 25 minutes and during that time my runny nose disappeared along with the sneezing and scratchy throat. When I got home I felt like a normal human again!! I didn’t feel like getting back in bed for the first time in 36 hours and I was excited to write about it here on my blog for all of you.

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